29 July 2008

What, when and why

This blog is intended as a showcase for serialised storytelling. The idea is that I will write and publish a portion of a story every day, building up a full story as I go along. It's a test of endurance and creativity as well as a source of entertainment.

I intend to write mainly in the science-fiction, fantasy, contemporary and horror genres; possibly including elements of each genre in each story or perhaps taking inspiration from some of these genres when creating new stories. I'm hoping that you'll find something in each story that you will enjoy.

I'm putting together the first story at the moment, with the intention of getting a few days ahead of myself before starting, so I have a little 'wiggle room' in case of personal and/or family problems causing me to be unable to post on a particular day.

The idea is to begin publishing the stories on Monday 04 August 2008. If this changes (it shouldn't) I'll let you know.

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